The Top 5 Advantages of Invisalign over Braces

Feeling embarrassed or self conscious about your crooked or misaligned teeth? Have you considered Invisalign?

Patients often ask me about the pros of Invisalign compared to traditional braces. Unless your teeth need extensive orthodontic work, Invisalign is my #1 recommendation. There are simply too many benefits to think otherwise!

In this post, we’ll look at the top 5 advantages of Invisalign for achieving straighter, healthier teeth. Let’s begin!

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What is Invisalign?

Let’s start with the basics.

Invisalign clear braces are the most modern method for straightening teeth regardless of your age. The process involves wearing a set of custom-made clear trays (similar to retainers) over your top and bottom teeth for at least 22 hours a day with our Invisalign for teens and Invisalign for adults treatments..

These trays work to gently shift and align crooked, gapped, or crowded teeth. You’ll change to a new set of aligner trays every 2 weeks or so. This helps gradually move your teeth into the final proper position.

Invisalign is best suited for those who need mild cosmetic changes. But even if your teeth are severely misaligned, don’t discount Invisalign as an option until you talk with a dentist. Your dentist will examine your teeth and determine what type of orthodontic treatment will get you the smile you’re looking for.

What are traditional braces?

Traditional braces are made from a stainless steel material (though ceramic options are available as well). Metal brackets are attached to each tooth with a type of cement and linked to each other with a thin wire. These wires put pressure on your teeth and cause them to move into the correct position.

Comparing Invisalign and braces



AppearanceVirtually invisibleAre very noticeable
ComfortMade from comfortable materialsMetal wires and brackets can cause sores and discomfort
HygieneRemovable, allowing for easy cleaning of your teethDifficult to reach and clean your teeth due to brackets
TimeAverage 6-18 months or less, depending on patient needsAverage of 2 years, depending on patient needs
CostDental insurance often covers some (or all) of the costDental insurance may or may not cover traditional braces

1. Appearance

When it comes to the look of Invisalign over traditional braces, there is no competition – Invisalign is the clear winner. Instead of metal brackets and wires lining the front of your teeth, Invisalign utilizes clear, BPA-free safe plastic aligners that slip over your teeth like a retainer and are almost invisible. If you already feel self conscious about your smile, there’s no reason to add to your embarrassment by signing up for unsightly braces when Invisalign can get you the same results.

2. Comfort

Invisalign is the much more comfortable option – in more ways than one.


Your Invisalign trays will be custom fit to your mouth and gum line and will feel smooth and comfortable. With braces, it’s very common for patients to develop sores and scratches in the mouth due to rough wires and brackets.


Braces use a strong amount of force to straighten teeth. This can be very painful and cause your teeth to be sensitive to the touch. With Invisalign, some patients may experience a bit of tenderness on the first day after a new set of trays. Otherwise, this method is virtually painless.


Traditional braces will limit you from eating sticky, hard foods – especially when your teeth are in pain after a tightening treatment. With Invisalign removable trays, you can continue to comfortably eat all your favorite foods.

3. Better hygiene

Your teeth require more time and attention when you have braces. The brackets and wires sitting on your teeth magnets for food and bacteria. They’re also difficult to reach behind and clean. If you’re not careful, you many end up with stains, tooth discoloration, and cavities. Invisalign doesn’t have this problem. Since the clear trays are removable, you can continue properly brushing and flossing your teeth as usual. Invisalign is also known for helping to limit snacking during the day. Constant snacking is very bad for your dental hygiene as it leads to a buildup of acid and bacteria on your teeth. Since you have to remove your Invisalign retainers during every meal (and brush your teeth before putting them back in) most people find snacking just isn’t worth the time or hassle.

4. Shorter treatment time

The treatment time for both Invisalign and braces will vary depending on your personal needs. However, braces are typically a much longer commitment than Invisalign. The average length for braces is 2 years or more while Invisalign takes about 6-18 months. You’ll also spend more time at the dentist office with braces – not only are appointment times longer at the orthodontist, additional emergency visits due to broken brackets or wires are also quite common. Invisalign is overall just a much quicker process. You’ll get new Invisalign trays every 2 weeks and visit the dentist every 6 weeks or so. That’s it!

5. Cost

The cost of braces vs Invisalign varies quite a bit and is somewhat difficult to compare – especially since braces are a more time-consuming process, something that must be accounted for when considering the cost. However, incentives and payment plans are often offered for Invisalign treatments, and many dental insurance plans will cover some (or all) of the cost! Never never let the cost of a treatment keep you from seeking the dental care you need. Reach out to your dentist to learn what type of financing options are available. Remember: your health comes first!

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