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Restorative Dentistry

Repair Damaged and Decayed Teeth

Restorative Dental Procedures

If you have chipped, broken, decayed, or missing teeth that are causing you pain, making it difficult to eat, or you’re just self-conscious about your smile, our restorative dental treatments are perfect for you. Whether you need a full mouth reconstruction because of trauma or a single tooth treated due to decay, Dr. Bharathi can replace your missing or damaged teeth with fillings, crowns, bridges, or dental implants in just a few visits.

Full Mouth Reconstruction
We can restore all of your teeth regardless of the cause with procedures like crowns, bridges, dental implants, and veneers. If you think you need reconstruction, call us today for your free consultation and comprehensive treatment plan.


Dental Implants
Are you missing one or more teeth or have annoying dentures? Dental implants can give you a healthy, pain-free mouth, restore your ability to chew and enjoy the foods you love while rejuvenating your smile and confidence.


Dental Crowns
Protect your smile from decay & damage with our porcelain crown treatment. They are virtually invisible, permanent, natural-looking solutions to regaining your smile. Learn more about how dental crowns can improve your smile and your oral health.


Dental Bridges
If you have lost a tooth or have a gap that’s causing your teeth to become loose, we can use a bridge to fill in the space between your teeth and restore your natural tooth with a beautiful bridge that matches the rest of your teeth.


Broken Tooth Repair
If you have a broken, chipped, or fractured tooth, it’s essential to see us as soon as possible to avoid further damage or infection. Depending on the damage, we can repair it with a variety of treatments from a filling, bonding, or a crown.


Dentures can be a great solution for missing teeth. Whether you need partial dentures, full dentures, or an implant-supported denture, our dentists at Radiance Dental can restore your smile and get you eating comfortably again.


Looking for a restorative dentist near you? We offer convenient early morning, late evening, and weekend appointments for all of our cosmetic dentistry treatments. We are committed to helping you get the smile you deserve! Call us today! (360) 844-2141

Experienced Restoration Dentist

Smile & Chew Again With Confidence!

Having confidence in your teeth to eat and smile proudly is crucial to how you feel physically and emotionally. The dental team at Radiance Dental specializes in restorative dentistry techniques to thoroughly fix broken, worn, and decayed teeth. We can replace any amount of missing teeth, properly fit dentures, and alleviate any oral health issues.

Our Camas, WA patients can pick from fillings, bonding, gum recontouring, crowns, bridges, dental implants, and dentures. Call (360) 209-8852 to schedule a free consultation to see which restorative dental procedures are best for your unique situation.

Trusted Restorative Dentist

Why Choose Radiance Dental?

At Radiance Dental, we help people in Camas and E. Vancouver get the restorative dentistry services they need without stress, pain, and anxiety. We believe dental care should be:

  • Judgement-free
  • Relaxing
  • High-tech and minimally invasive

Remember: Dr. Bharti offers complimentary consultations and free second opinions for all restorative dental treatments!

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Your smile is yours forever, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to receive the best dental care when you need it.

Our office staff is always available to help you with insurance claims and paperwork. We’ll work with your insurance provider to make sure your coverage meets your needs and your budget.