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What Is Full-Mouth Restoration?

If you need significant restorative work, our experienced dentist can restore all of the teeth in both the upper and lower jaws, whether you have lost teeth due to decay, trauma, acid erosion, or are suffering from a bite occlusion.

Problems that may lead to full mouth reconstruction:

  • Lost teeth due to trauma
  • Lost teeth due to decay
  • Missing, cracked or damaged teeth due to trauma or injury
  • Severely worn teeth due to long-term acid erosion from foods, beverages and acid reflux
  • Worn teeth due to tooth grinding
  • Jaw, muscle, and headache pain due to a bite occlusion caused by the way your teeth meet when your jaws bite together

We consider all aspects of the mouth, from the teeth to the gums to the jaw itself. Dr. Bharathi will examine your entire mouth to determine the scope of the problem and will provide you with a full scope treatment plan that will allow us to rebuild your smile and get your mouth healthy as soon as possible. Please note full mouth reconstruction usually requires several appointments and restoration treatments like dental implants, crowns, and bridges, periodontal gum treatments, bone grafts, orthodontics or oral surgery to achieve the best results. Schedule your free consultation today for a thorough examination to see if you are a candidate for full mouth reconstruction.

Call us today at (360) 844-2141 in Camas or E. Vancouver to schedule your complimentary consultation and to learn more about whether full mouth reconstruction is right for you. We’re always here to help.

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Do you need full reconstructive dentistry? If you’re interested in rebuilding your smile, call our office at (360) 844-2141 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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Why Choose Radiance Dental?

At Radiance Dental we love helping our patients achieve the smiles they’ve always dreamed of! If you’re in E. Vancouver or Camas and are interested in fixing your dental issues, we can help. Your visit to our office will be:

  • Stress-free
  • No-judgement
  • Affordable

Remember: We offer complimentary consultations for anyone interested in our reconstructive dentistry services!

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