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Oral health is key to a healthy mouth

Professional Teeth Cleaning

If you want to improve your oral health and smile, the best way is to get your teeth professionally cleaned and polished by our trained dental hygienists at Radiance Dental in Camas, WA, at least twice a year.

Routine cleaning of teeth supports your brushing and flossing routine and gives us a chance to examine your mouth for potential dental problems or concerns that may need attention.

If you practice routine brushing and flossing at home and take good care of your oral health, you will rarely experience any pain or discomfort. But if you have neglected your oral hygiene, you may experience some minor discomfort during the cleaning. If so, we will use a topical anesthetic before the cleaning to make sure you are comfortable.

Preventive dental care like routine exams and cleanings are vital throughout your life, regardless of age. By practicing regular oral hygiene at home and scheduling regular checkups with our dentists, you can help keep your smile radiant and healthy for years to come.

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Why Choose Radiance Dental?

At Radiance Dental we offer the most comfortable dental teeth cleanings in E. Vancouver and Camas. Your visit to our office will be:

  • Stress-free
  • Judgement-free
  • Affordable

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Your smile is yours forever, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to receive the best dental care when you need it.

Our office staff is always available to help you with insurance claims and paperwork. We’ll work with your insurance provider to make sure your coverage meets your needs and your budget.