Repair Tooth Decay, Fracture or Wear

Dental Fillings in Camas, WA

Is the surface enamel of your tooth damaged?

When A Dental Filling Is Needed

A dental filling restores and repairs the surface of a tooth that has been weakened by decay, fracture, or abnormal wear. If tooth decay or damage is not addressed in its initial stages, it will just become worse and require additional complicated dental procedures and costs.

Things like pain, discomfort, and sensitivity are often early warning signs that know you may need a filling due to decay or enamel loss. Dr. Bharathi will diagnose what is causing the issue during your examination and recommend an appropriate treatment and ease your discomfort.Call us today at (360) 844-2141 to schedule your complimentary consultation and to learn more about whether you need to have a filling. We’re always here to help.

Different Types Of Dental Fillings

  • Composite fillings: A composite filling is quite popular with most of our patients because they are safe, very reliable, and can be matched to the color of your surrounding teeth, which makes it a great cosmetic match for your smile.
  • Silver amalgam fillings: Although silver amalgam fillings had been used for many years by most dentists, we no longer use them because the vapors from the mercury can get absorbed in the lungs, which can lead to associated health problems. Besides, they are not attractive, looking inside the mouth.
  • Glass ionomer fillings: This filling material is mostly used for children who are still losing their baby teeth because they have a shorter lifespan than other filling material. Still, they produce fluoride around the cavity, which helps prevent the affected tooth from more decay.
  • Ceramic Inlays or Onlays: We offer porcelain onlays and inlays to replace your decayed tooth and keep your beautiful smile intact. They are incredibly durable and last longer than traditional metal fillings while matching the natural color of your tooth.
  • Gold fillings: Although gold fillings are very durable and can last 15 years or more, we rarely, if ever, recommend gold fillings because they are costly and frankly don’t look good with your smile. They also require several visits to fit correctly.
dental fillings
Do you have a toothache? You may need to have a cavity filled to rid yourself from that nagging pain. Call our office at (360) 443-5804 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Cavity Tooth Fillings Dentist

Why Choose Radiance Dental?

At Radiance Dental, we help people in E. Vancouver and Camas fix their cavities with fillings. We believe your trip to our Camas dental clinic should be:

  • Free from judgement and stress
  • Relaxing
  • Affordable

Remember: Dr. Bharti offers complimentary consultations for patients who need to have new fillings!

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