Meet Raj

Raj is our all-star lead assistant here at Radiance Dental. She has nine years of dental knowledge. Her most memorable dental experience was her at Radiance Dental when Dr.Bharathi and her had an emergency visit after hours. A patient called with so much pain which has been going on for days and they could not find an office to take them in. Luckily that day Dr.Bharathi and Raj had not left the office that late evening and answered the phone. Raj could understand and sympathizes the amount of pain she was hearing from this person. Raj scheduled them to come in right then and there for immediate treatment. After treating the patient with appropriate measures they were relieved of the endless days with pain and discomfort this brought. Raj said at that moment she could see it in their new patients eyes how grateful they were. It nearly brought Raj to tears with the amount of warmth it brought to her heart being able to nurture them throughout this unexpected traumatic experience.

Raj grew up in India loving to garden and paint in her spare time. She loves to snack on cashews. Her favorite season is spring because of the fresh air and blossoming beautiful flowers. On Sunday’s you can find her endlessly talking on the phone to her brother back in India since the time difference is a large gap. Her dream getaway would be to venture off into India’s west Bengal state, in the Himalayan foothills.

Raj loves working at Radiance Dental because of our sweet patients and family like environment with the staff members. Everyone is always there for each other no matter the circumstances.

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