Meet Melanie

Melanie is our all-star office manager. She has well over 40 years of dental experience working in all aspects of a dental office giving her knowledge and wisdom to provide the utmost best patient experience. Melanie grew up in California. Her go-to snack are dates and she loves the Christmas holiday. Outside of work she loves to ballet. Her favorite season is fall because of the sunny, windy days with the beautiful changing color of leaves falling. Alaska is her getaway to enjoy the peaceful beauty with her husband. She loves working at Radiance Dental because she loves to help people.

Come meet our outstanding staff Sunday, June 30th during our community get together. We will have food, games, family friendly activities for all ages, raffle prizes, and ice cream!

It’s from 11am-3pm on Sunday, June 30th. In the Glen plaza behind the 192nd QFC in Camas, WA.

For more information give us a call or click to learn more!


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